Sunday Bashment

It’s Sunday so you know what that means; Sunday Bashment time!! This week’s Sunday bashment comes from the Soul II Soul and it’s the track “back to life”. It’s impossible to separate this track from the movie “Belly”, which to me is a classic [debate your stud auntie, not me!] This song is playing at the very beginning of the movie when Nas and his crew run up in the club and rob/shoot up the place. What this song has to do with the movie i’m not really sure, but hey it made for a dope entrance especially with those 2/$5 colored contacts that nas was wearing. There are actually two versions of this song; the original Acapella (as is featured in the movie) and the reworked version with the background music added in.  Both versions were a huge hit in the late 80s and early 90s for the British group soul 2 soul (stylized Soul II Soul) take a look!

Sunday Bashment

If we’re talking bounce music you’ve gotta include “Back that thang up” by Juvenile. You ever been through a chaotic fire drill?? that’s basically how people treat the first .125 seconds of this song, everyone is trying to get to the dance floor and carve out their space to p-pop and p-drop. This is definitely top 5 favorite tracks EVER. The beat is soo amazing. like Mannie Fresh *DID* that, it was done by him!! I bought this album and still have my copy!
There is an actual story within this song if people listen to it. This album is FIVE TIMES PLATINUM!!! that’s FIVE MILLION COPIES!!!! That’s amazing! I also did a post about this glorious track and why is the best video/song EVER.

Sunday Bashment



This week’s Sunday Bashment is Josephine Johnny. Now if you grew up hearing bounce music then you already know what it is. Bounce music is this super hype music from New Orleans, Louisiana. The music is described as call and response or rhythmic beats. Basically what that means is the rapper will say your ward/project “ninth ward, iberville, west bank, up town, calliope” or where ever and you shout back in response or dance. If you listen to this early 90s track, you can hear some of the same rhymes from juvenile’s smash hit “back that thang up” especially like the big fines and stuff.

Some of the most memorable lines are “Wash your ***** do it well, use summer’s eve or vagisal”, “ima take you to my house lay you down on my bed, you a big fine woman like dem braids in yo head”, “when you see this anaconda baby don’t you get scared” just to name a few.

Sunday Bashment

With the HUGE hit telenovela “Celia” on telemundo premiering this week, I had have Celia Cruz for this week’s Sunday Bashment. Guantanamera which is one of my favourite tracks from Celia Cruz. The song literally means “The woman from Guantanamo, Cuba” The original was credited to Joseito Fernandez, but the most famous version is probably that which Celia Cruz performed. The song is basically a love song between the singer and someone from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Peep the first verse below**

I decided to play both the concert footage (click) as well as the rehearsal footage leading up to it. The Concert took place during the Ali vs. Foreman fight in Zaire (present day Dem. Rep. of the Congo). Celia and the Fania All stars (which if you don’t know who they are; think of like a bad boy or motown dipped in adobo). I like this version because it just goes to show that music is universal and that the themes that you find in Salsa are the same themes as j-pop or big budget bollywood numbers.


**Yo soy un hombre sincero (I am a sincere man)
De donde crecen las palmas (from where the palm trees grow)
Yo soy un hombre sincero (I am a sincere man)
De donde crecen las palmas (From where the palm trees grow)
Y antes de morirme quiero (and before i die, i want)
Cantar mis versos del alma (To sing, my verses from my heart (lit. trans. To sing my verses from the soul)

Sunday Bashment


This week’s Sunday Bashment comes from Shakira, Nothing more needs to be said. This video/song were HUGE. This was part of that early 2000s Latin wave that Jlo, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Paulina Rubio, Daddy Yankee and others rode. We’re talking about established stars in their own right who successfully crossed over to the America market and became mainstays. To say I love this song is an understatement. This song/album taught me how to speak Spanish for that i will forever be grateful. Shakira was blonde, but exotic, slight in stature but powerful and charismatic in her movements. Needless to say Shakira had a 10+ year reign with HUGE mega hits, la tortura, suerte, waka waka, hips don’t lie, etc. Enjoy!!

Sunday Bashment


Daddy Yankee “Gasolina” what better way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month than with this track. Now many of you guys who are reading this grew up hearing this song. Doesn’t matter if you were Hispanophone or not, you at least knew “ella le gusta la gasolina, dame ma gasolina” The song is basically about a girl who likes to hang out/have a good time (these girls are called “desacata” in Spanish or “down to f***” for the uninitiated). The meaning of the song honestly could go either way. If you were young and didn’t grow up listening to reggaeton you may think “maybe this girl drives a gas guzzler and has to constantly fill up her take” or maybe you knew better. Either way this track was HUGE in the states, in Europe and in Latin America and arguably launched Daddy Yankee’s career as a mega-star. Since then Yankee has gone on to work with Mega stars like Jlo, Marc Anthony and Wisin y Yandel, pero this track started it all

Sunday Bashment


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Keeping with this common theme of Hispanic Heritage month our next Sunday Bashment song is none other than “Oye mi canto” by Nore, Nina Sky, Big Mato, Daddy Yankee & Gem Star. To say i loved this song is an understatement. We used to go off to this song!! Growing up listening to dancehall music and then hearing reggaeton music as we got older it was just a natural evolution. The video is full of huge talent from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. This is back when Daddy Yankee was a star, but still on the rise. He was very well known back home in PR obviously pero, not super well known in the states outside of the Hispanic community. This track along with several others from him sealed the deal. Everyone in the states knew who NORE was (well, if they were into NY rap) so he brought a certain American hardness and “gangsterness” to the whole affair. Nina Sky had “Move ya body” so they were on the rise and looking to follow that up with another smash. Great song, great vibe, super heavy como dicen en el DR. Que gozen!!

Sunday Bashment


This week’s Sunday Bashment comes from the rapper/singer Fuego @FuegoFBM. The Domican-American singer has been on the scene for awhile, he’s definitely been making moves since he signed to Pitbull’s Mr. 305 imprint. His most recent tune is “cuando suena el bling” this song is Fuego’s take on Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. Here are some of my favourite lines:

“Antes tu me llamabas el iphone cuando necesitaba [sic] amor” (you used to call me on my iphone when you needed love)

“Se que cuando suena el bling, tengo que pasar por alli” (I know when I hear that bling, I gotta get over there)

“Desde que me fue baby tu tu tu, ya casi no hablabamos. te me hace[sic] sentir como el malo. este novio nuevo calmalo.” (Since you left me baby, You you you…. we hardly ever talk. you make me feel like the bad guy. your new boyfriend? tell him to chill)

Sunday Bashment

Our Sunday Bashment comes from none other than Adina Howard. If you were a latch key yute in the 90s who made ramen noodles as an afternoon snack, I’m pretty sure you body rolled all through your granny formal sitting room to “Freak like me”. Adina told y’all who she wanted, what she wanted and HOW she wanted it. For the 1990s this was considered edgy, nowadays; this could be played at most church chili suppers  with no problem. Adina was part of that 1980s/1990s sexual revolution of women who wore timbs, chased men around the basketball court and could deep throat a kool-aid pickle with no problem. They made the best music because they wanted to be just like the boys, but were heart-broken when they found out their thuggish/ruggish boyfriends were really dope boys with a wandering eye or even worse a wandering b-hole, but Chile that’s a story for an arabesque novel. Anyway, enjoy Adina in all of her 1990s weakness!