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This week’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by Tania; the short-lived Nickelodeon sitcom which aired for two seasons. The show starred Christina Vidal as a good-natured pop-tart willing to do anything to get to the top.
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4 things Ramon could have done besides attending Trump’s Press conference


As many of you all know by now Univision reporter Jorge Ramos was kindly escorted out of the winner’s circle [Trump’s words, not mine] yesterday at a press conference in Iowa. That got me to thinking. Ramos has flown all the way to Iowa, he was wearing his BEST Marc Anthony collection shirt/tie combo so why waste the momentum. Me being the hospitality maven that I am, I decided to hop on the Iowa tourism board website and do some digging as to fun things you can do in Iowa [not that attending a Trump presser isn’t fun, but still].

#1 Titanic exhibit


Let some tell it, Ramos had already boarded a sinking ship when he hit up that Trump presser, but if that’s not necessarily your train of thought, you can always hit up the Titanic exhibit. This throwback relic has tons of interesting facts, stories, etc that ANY middle aged corn-fed citizen would love to know. Granted you could just rent the movie from blockbuster [please be kind and do rewind] and watch the VHS in your hotel room while working on your next story, but hey if you like the Titanic exhibit then I LOVE it!

#2  Greyhound Park at Mystique Casino


Okay so maybe big boats and stuff that floats isn’t your thing, you can always play the puppies! That’s right Mystique Casino has it’s on greyhound racing park! Hell, if your hearts in the right place you might even consider adopting one of them things.

#3 Butt’s Florist and Greenhouse


Anything with “Butt’s” in the title is sure to grab your attention and Butt’s florist is no exception! Now apparently this place sells flowers, flower arrangements, gift packages, etc. The have “greenhouse” in their title as well, which makes me wonder if they’re selling anything else….. if you’re picking up what I’m putting down…….

#4 Cathy’s Treasures


At first I was reluctant to add this place to the list. I was down right upset when I called up to inquire about their “services” and turns out “Cathy’s Treasures” is in fact NOT a one stop shop for adult entertainment and is actually an antique’s store. Hey, some men are into antiques… Just as Liz Taylor’s last husband…. However, I personally am not. If I wanted to rummage through old cast off relics I would head to the goodwill, not a store that looks like a moderate case of “Hoarders”. Anyway, if you want to hit up
Cathy’s Treasures, that’s on you. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Trump on Ramos: Scream queen


Trump spoke in Iowa on Tuesday and boy did the fur fly! Univision host Jorge Ramos stood up in an effort to ask about immigration and Trump shut him DOWN without hesitation. Trump’s men-in-black kindly escorted Ramos to the curb in a manner that Ramos might have considered “oh so nasty and oh so rude”. When asked about the back and forth Trump stated “I don’t know who he [Ramos] is, he just stood up and started screaming at me”. Now this is where I have to play semantics Sam; he says “I don’t know who he is” HOWEVER he said “go back to Univision” is he saying “I don’t know him at all” or “I know him, but don’t follow his reporting”? Either way, I say this can all be settled with a nice glass of soda and a rousing game of toma todo, but then again I am an optimist. Source

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Arroz con Chicken Podcast Episode 4

In Episode 4 we talk Michael Sam, Frank Gifford, Straight outta Compton, Yolanda Saldivar, etc.

Where in the world is Lumidee? @TheRealLumidee

April 19 2007 I went to get my oil changed in my 2008 Lexus when I noticed a tow truck pulling in with a late model two tone astro van attached. A woman hopped out of the tow truck and came inside of the mechanic shop. The woman looked very familiar. She looked like a famous celebrity. At first I thought it was Taina Morales or the girl who played her and was also on 1-2 episodes of girlfriends as that shitty yoga instructor, but no, this woman was gorgeous and seemed like she was talented. When this woman was done filling out her paperwork the head mechanic told her that the oil had not been changed in 15 years and that the engine had seized up. The repairs were going to cost $5,000 dollars PLUS another $2,000 for labor. The woman seemed like someone who had a lot of money so this $7,000 was not going to be a problem for her to come up with. Once the woman authorized her car repairs she headed next door to get fast food breakfast. I didn’t want to go up to her to find out who she was, but I had to find out who this was. I distracted the head mechanic and glanced at her paperwork. The name at the top of the paper said “Lumidee Cenedo” I KNEW I was in the presence of someone special, I suddenly became nervous I didn’t know what to do, how does one act when they’re in the presence of someone who is considered the “Latin Vocal bible”? I decided to play it cool when she came back inside. She sat down across from me and began to eat her fast food breakfast. Apparently she decided to get griddle cakes, sausage links and scrambled cheese eggs. I asked her if the tv was too loud, but she said “No, it’s fine I’m listening to some really good music right now” I had to walk behind her seat when I went to the bathroom. I noticed that on the screen of her iphone 3 was the single art for the song; “Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)”.


Black Ink Crew Ep. 1 Recap

Quick recap of previous season; chicken drop, teddy and sky, caes and unprotected sex with a random girl, Caes and dutchess deciding to get engaged in Paris, Donna walking around like joseph and the techni-color petri-dish. Quani running up to Black ink crew with her crazy chancleta-clad cracked out kin. (Try saying that 10 times fast with a mouth full of teeth).
Caes/Dutch are engaged and building their empire. Donna has a different outfit! Yes! Say goodbye to those funky leggings that she wore for 17 episodes straight! Quani has decided that she doesn’t feel safe in her house. Not because she lives in Cabrini-green projects, but because Caes showed up flexing. Continue reading “Black Ink Crew Ep. 1 Recap”