Have a Coke and a Seat!

This week we’ve got lots to cover: O’Reilly and the women, Mel B and her man, Greenleaf, Chewing Gum, Omarosa, a mother who can’t mind her own business and tons more!
Shouts to @TheJohnEffect, @BabyBoyPodcast, @DramaDupree, @im_just_jackie, @_TaKenyah, @Bag_Ladiez, @OurQueenTiffany, @podcastqueens and everyone else! We love listening to and interacting with you all!

Question #1 If you got a settlement would you still talk?
Question #2 what would you get Omarosa as a wedding gift?
Question #3 How do you feel about a joint account?
Question #4 Could you date a man who dated his toenails? (gay men would you date someone who did drag?)