Raheem & Rico Part 4

Raheem woke up mid morning, he was laying in Rico’s arms as usual. Rico’s embrace felt the exact same; strong yet tender at the same time. Rico was awakened by Raheem’s movement. He instantly sat up on the couch.

Rico: morning.

Raheem: morning.

Rico ran to the bathroom, took a quick shower and came back a few minutes later.

Rico: I’ll be back in a bit.

Raheem: okay……

With that rico dashed out the door, his tone wasn’t mean, but it was forceful. Raheem laid out his clothes and hopped into the shower. The warm water felt so good, Raheem didn’t want to get out. After about 10 minutes he finally got out of the shower. He walked back toward his bedroom and towelled off, he rubbed his body with lotion. He slipped into his jeans and shirt. He did a few chores while waiting for Rico to come back. About 45 minutes later he heard a knock on the door, it was rico and he seemed excited, well as excited as rico could seem. Which was a brief smile.

Rico: follow me.

The two men walked outside and Rico pointed to an suv

Raheem: what’s that?

Rico: new car.… no more subway.

Raheem couldn’t contain his excitement. He hugged Rico and kissed him. For that brief moment time stood still. Raheem had never kissed Rico, so far they had just cuddled and held hands briefly. Rico began to blush. Raheem got inside and buckled up. Rico started the car and headed out of town. His left hand was driving, while his right hand rested on Raheem’s thigh.

Raheem: this is amazing! I can’t even believe it!

Rico: yeah been working hard and saving up you know.

Raheem: so where are we headed?

Rico: shopping for suits.

Raheem: suits?

Rico: Miguel’s cousin’s quincañera next weekend.

Raheem: nice.

They arrived at the department store and went inside. The sales lady was very nice, she asked for their measurements and their personal style. She returned with two black suits, the suits were very modern in that they were very well fitted to their bodies. Raheem and rico also picked a black bow tie to wear with their suits. Both men looked very handsome. After they signed the rental agreement, they loaded their suits into Rico’s new car.

Rico: lets go to eat.

Raheem: sounds good.

Rico drove to a near by restaurant. Rico parked in the parking lot and both men walked into the restaurant. Raheem held the door for rico as they went inside. They sat at a small table near the rear of the restaurant. Rico was feeling bold so he took off his shoe and started to play footsy with Raheem. A smile came across Rico’s face as he looked over the menu.
They sat at their table eating and talking for the next hour about everything and nothing. That’s what made it so pleasurable. They could talk about anything and it felt natural and comfortable.

Raheem and Rico headed back to Raheem’s apartment. Rico had a load of clothes in his car.

Rico: you mind if I wash my clothes here?

Raheem: no problem.

Raheem sorted out both of their clothes and took them to the laundry room. Rico pulled off his shirt and pants and handed them to Raheem.

Rico: these too, please.

Raheem decided to take off his clothes in the laundry room. He wanted to wash all of his clothes for the week.
Rico was sitting on the couch when he returned to the room. Raheem grabbed a blanket and wrapped both of them in it. Rico laid on Raheem’s chest, but he couldn’t get comfortable. He was fidgeting back and forth. Raheem softly stroked Rico’s hair. His hair was short and jet black. Rico still smelled of this morning’s shampoo and conditioner. Raheem, scratched Rico’s growing beard which Rico enjoyed. A smile shown across his face. Raheem’s erection pressed against Rico’s side. The feeling was hard to ignore. They both wondered why nothing had happened between the two of them so far. All of that emotion building up, tons of time spent together, drinks, cuddling, who was going to make the first move? Rico was hesitant, he hadnt been with that many men. Raheem didn’t want to force rico to do anything, he didn’t want anyone to say that he had manipulated rico even though Rico was a decade older than him.

Raheem: question.…

Rico: ok

Raheem: where do you see yourself in the future?

Rico: with a family, good life…

Raheem: what does that mean?

Rico: married, kid(s), house. Start a business

Raheem: oh wow

Rico: you?

Raheem: same.

Just then the dryer buzzer sounded. Raheem went to take out the clothes and get another load started. Raheem set up the ironing board and got the iron ready. Rico got up off the couch. Still in his under garments. He grabbed hangers and started to hang the clothes up as Raheem ironed them.

Raheem: if you don’t care to put this stuff in the closet, put your stuff in there too. Ive got a couple drawers cleared out for your t shirts, boxers, etc I don’t know if ive told you this, but make yourself feel at home. If you need/want anything let me know

Rico: thanks appreciate it.

Raheem: it’s nothing, I like you here with me Rico.

Rico: i like being here.

Raheem quickly ironed all of their clothing and helped rico to put it inside of the closet and drawers. They were ready for the work week and could relax for the afternoon. Rico wanted to go out, show Raheem the city, but then a loud clap of thunder signalled that rain was on the way.

Raheem: Rain’s coming.

Rico: yeah.

Raheem walked into the bedroom and got into bed. He pulled the covers up and got comfortable. Rico stood in the door way as if asking for permission to enter. Raheem motioned for rico to come over and lay down even though there was no permission necessary. Raheem was more than happy to have Rico share his bed with him. Raheem pulled back the covers and rico hopped into and pulled the covers up. Both men scooted to the middle of the bed. Raheem turned on some random movie and both settled in. Rico laid his head on Raheem’s chest. He listened to Raheem’s rhythmic breathing and Rubbed his chest as the two watched the movie. Raheem was very excited and it was obvious. He was able to contain himself though, he didn’t want to move too fast. Raheem drifted off to sleep, his armed wrapped around rico.

Raheem slept all evening and woke up early the next morning. He prepared breakfast for both of them. Rico was awoken by the sound of Raheem in the kitchen. He went to investigate. As Rico walked toward the kitchen he realised he had morning wood. He didn’t want to be disrespectful in any way. He hid his erection as he went to tell Raheem good morning.

Raheem was washing dishes and listening to music. Rico came up behind him and gave him a hug. Raheem was startled at first, but that quickly went away when he felt Rico’s morning wood pressing into his side. He wanted to feel it inside of him. His legs wrapped around Rico’s waist as they made love. He knew it would be an amazing experience, the chemistry was already too strong for it not to be. The waiting is what got to Raheem the most. Yeah they were spending every day and night together but they still hadn’t made love. What was the hold up? Was Rico just leading him on? Was he even attracted to him? Raheem’s head was full of questions about their relationship, but he decided this was not the time for that, he wanted to get breakfast served and get ready for work. He would talk to him and find out later.

Raheem: good morning! How did you sleep?

Rico: Good, your bed is really comfortable.

Raheem: it’s as much your bed as it is my bed. I want you to feel at home here with me.

Rico: I do feel at home here with you

Raheem: of course!

Raheem got the plates out of cabinet and prepared the table. Rico sat at one end of the table and Raheem at the other. This morning Raheem had prepared for them omelettes, fruit salad and French toast. Raheem knew Rico liked his omelettes with extra sausage and bacon so he made sure to add it in. Rico appreciated little things like that. Nice clean clothes, delicious food all prepared by a handsome chef.

Once Raheem was done he hopped in the shower. While Raheem was in the shower Rico put the dishes in the dish washer. It was the least he could do after Raheem had gone to the trouble of making such a delicious breakfast.

Once Raheem was out of the shower he went into the bedroom to get ready. He came out wrapped in a towel.

Raheem: here’s a towel, I’ve got bar soap and body wash. If you want a different type let me know and we’ll get it after work.

Rico: thanks baby.

Rico showered and returned to the bedroom wrapped in his towel. He dried himself off and laid out the towel on his side of the bed. When he got up to put his boxers on Raheem glanced over at his backside. He liked what he saw. He couldn’t wait to taste it though, whenever that was.

Rico: you ready?

Raheem: yep, I packed our lunches this morning.

Rico: thanks baby

Rico leaned over and kissed Raheem on his lips. This was the first time he had kissed Raheem first. Rico and Raheem walked downstairs and got into Rico’s new car. Rico turned on the radio, it was weather, local news, basically background noise. Raheem put his hand on Rico’s thigh. His legs were big and naturally solid. Raheem didn’t want to move too fast so he decided to remove his hand. He didn’t want the temptation of Rico’s dick being right there within reach. Besides; what would it look like for Rico to walk into work with an erection? Rico drove to the underground car park.

Rico: let me let you out here by the elevator.

Raheem: no thanks.

Rico: why?

Raheem: I want to be with you as much as possible Rico. An extra five minutes doesn’t seem like much, but every second counts.

Rico drove around the corner and found a parking spot. Raheem leaned over and kissed Rico. He rubbed his beard and caressed his cheek.

Raheem got out and Rico soon followed. Raheem had his briefcase over his shoulder and Rico had his backpack on. Both had their lunch in their hand.

They arrived at the elevator. Rico pressed the button for the first floor and Raheem for the 3rd.

The elevator arrived at the first floor.

Rico: have a good day.

Raheem: you too!!

Raheem arrived at the 3rd floor. He was early, but he liked to be early. Gave him time to get ready for the day, check email, etc. One of the emails read “staff meeting 9am”. It had been sent at 6am that morning. Which meant it was most likely about a new account. Raheem grabbed all of his stuff and headed down to the conference room for the meeting. A few minutes later his other coworkers filed into the room. One of the senior managers got the meeting started.

Sandra: good morning everyone! We called this meeting to let you know about a new contract that we’ve received. We are to provide marketing support for Santos furniture. They’re expanding their business by opening new stores and they are looking to expand into the American market as well. We have two facets that we are dealing with: the domestic marketing and the foreign portion. Raheem I want you helping to head up the foreign portion. Santos needs to appeal to an American audience and I’m sure you can help them do just that.

Raheem: sounds perfect. Do we have a timeline?

Sandra: we want the entire campaign, including visuals, online media, commercials, etc rolled out In 4 weeks which is pretty quick, but You guys are the best.

Raheem: no problem.

But it was a problem, Raheem had worked on projects, but nothing this big. There was clearly a lot of money being spent on this ad campaign. This was the first time Raheem was heading up an ad campaign, so he was slightly nervous.

He returned to his office to find a small folded note on his keyboard. He opened it and immediately recognized the handwriting as Rico’s.
The note read in part “I hope you have a great morning, I’ll see you at lunch” that’s exactly what Raheem needed, just a few words of encouragement at that moment. He tucked the note into his shirt pocket. He then sat down to brain storm some ideas for the American marketing portion. The ideas came quickly, Raheem typed them all out and then ranked them in order of the ones he liked most. Raheem brought snacks to get them through the morning. He went down to the first floor and found Rico in the surveillance room.

Raheem: hey babe

Rico: what’s up?

Raheem: brought you a little snack.

Rico: thanks papito! I was getting hungry!

Raheem: I know! You always get hungry mid morning!

Rico: How’s work going?

Raheem: Good, just busy. How about you?

Rico: covering surveillance while José takes his break. Gonna do rounds here in a bit…

Raheem: Sounds good! I’ve got something to ask you…

Rico: okay, what’s up?

Raheem: I’ll ask you at lunch…

Rico: okay

Raheem: I’m going back to work, I’ll see you at lunch.

Rico stood up and wrapped his arms around Raheem’s waist. He leaned in and kissed Raheem. Just then Jose came back from his break and saw the two men embracing one another.

Rico: Jose this is my guy Raheem, works in marketing.

Raheem extended his hand to Jose who nodded politely as they shook hands. Raheem could sense that Jose was uncomfortable, so he decided to return to his office.

Rico: Jose im gonna start my rounds.

Rico walked out of the security office with Raheem. He could sense that Raheem was uncomfortable and wanted to make sure he was okay.

Rico: are you okay Raheem?

Raheem: yeah, that was just kinda… weird……

Rico: no worries, so what is this you wanted to talk to me about?

Raheem: don’t worry, I’ll let you know during lunch.

Raheem knew already how anxious Rico got in certain situations and he hated keeping anything from him, he didn’t want to make him even more anxious.

Rico walked Raheem back to his office. He gave him a quick kiss and headed back to his office downstairs.
Raheem worked away for the rest of the morning coming up with ideas for the ad campaign.

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