My socks stink and IDGAF

Pride Socks
At the end of May I went to a shoe store just to browse. I had 30 minutes to waste before work so i decided to pop in and see what was on offer. while i didnt end up purchasing a pair of shoes i did purchase several pairs of socks. All different styles and designs. When it comes to socks I’m definitelty a fan. I’ve got every type of sock you can think of: from patterns, to crazy colors, I even have a pair with a kitten eating a slice of pizza on them. Anyway, one of the pairs that I picked up had rainbows on them and said “my lucky socks” across the top of them. I tossed them in my basket with the others and didn’t really give it a second thought. They would be something fun to wear to pride or just around the house. Nothing serious. Then it happened, I woke up early last Sunday morning and scrolled my news feed. I saw story after story about a mass killing that had taken place in Orlando, Florida at Pulse night club. There was so much to the story and everyone seemed to agree that it was a senseless tragedy. One thing about me that you’ll learn is that if I don’t feel I have something new, interesting or innovative to say, i hold my piece. Talking just to talk is not productive and makes people less likely to listen when you actually say something of substance. Instead of rambling on about how upsetting this whole situation was to me i decided to show my support another wear. Rainbow socks. I put this pair of socks on with slides on Sunday evening and wore them to the grocery, the take out spot and then the gas station. I heard the cashier say as i left “did you see his socks? i like those!” It’s my little way of saying “it doesn’t matter whether i’m gay or straight or somewhere in between, what matters is i’m VISUALLY showing you my support for the LGBTQAQN community. It’s a way of saying “I’m rocking these socks out loud and in public; you got as problem? let me know and it’s gon be what it’s gon be!” I’m not asking for anyone else’s approval, I’m just saying I support the victims in Orlando, I’m part of this community and this is the way I’m showing it. That being said I’ve washed these socks by hand every evening. Today i went back to that same store and bought 4 more pairs of these socks, so now I can rock my rainbow socks no problem. Happy Pride month yall!!

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