Kelly Price couch to 5k week six

kelly price viscera
Week six I went back to my dr to get the all clear to continue my workout program. When I entered the office a woman immediately ran up to me and asked for an autograph. I usually put a cigarette out in my fans faces just to test their resolve, but I thought I would be nice to this lady. She was waiting for her appointment, but when she saw me she grabbed a piece of paper and shoved it into my face. She said “omg, I can’t believe I’m meeting you, you’re amazing!! What was it like working with Sandra bullock??” I said “whatchu mean bitch??” She said “aren’t you the man from the blindside??” I spat in her face and she returned to her seat sans autograph. I went to the back and stepped on the flatbed scale to be weighed. Apparently my weight had gone up 20lbs, but im sure it was all muscle. I mean I felt stronger and more determined than ever. When my doctor came to the back he asked me if I was still training for the couch to 5k, I told him hell the fuck yeah. He said that I clearly wasn’t sticking to my plan because I was heavier than ever. I showed him my meal plan for a week. Beforehand though I wanted to explain to him that I did allow for a few treats in between but I had a salad everyday for lunch. My dr applauded me and asked what I put in my salad. I told him apples, chopped pecans, he shook his head in agreement. I continued; marshmallow fluff, snickers bits and chocolate syrup. He told me that I had no business eating snicker salad and that I needed to monitor my sugars and my blood pressure. I asked him about allowing for a small treat every once in awhile like a pizza or a tub of ice cream. He asked me if I was insane and told me to stay away from these foods. I left that office with a new resolve. I was going to concur this couch to 5k.

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