Kelly Price couch to 5k week seven

Kimbo-Slice kelly
Week seven and I decided to get back in the gym. I returned to weight lifting and treadmill. I was feeling on top of the world. I knew I was losing weight and it showed. I was now able to sit in the seat of the car as opposed to laying on the floor of our astro van while Jeffery drove me around. Then it happened, I saw the woman who Jeffery cheated on me with. I refuse to say her name, but let’s just say she’s a talent less, wig aficionado and was featured on R&B Divas, we were once friends until I walked in on my husband “taste testing” her. It was the grossest thing Id ever seen. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the studio to record and I saw my husband on his knees eating out this R&B bitch. Of course she had a ratty wig on her head that was one texture/color and a vagina full of curly/greying pubic hair. No dignity or hot combs allowed apparently. Anyway, as I was leaving the weight room I saw this R&B bitch taking out that trash and cleaning up vomit in the kids corner. I watched her for a few minutes and sure enough when she took the trash out she walked over to the astro van and tapped on the window. Jeffery rolled down the old fashioned crank window and began talking to her enthusiastically. I stood next to the bushes for a closer look. I was crushed when two passers by pointed in my direction and remarked that the gym must have a new storage unit. You know how bad it feels to be mistaken for a storage unit? Of course this lil R&B bitch hopped in the van and headed immediately for the back seat. Jeffery wasted no time in pulling down her janitor uniform and enjoying her like a plate of fried chicken. I ran inside to get her boss and show him what was happening. He wasted no time in firing her. Oh the hell well!! Needless to say I was feeling low so I decided to do something to pick myself up.

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