Kelly Price couch to 5k Week eight

kelly price couch to 5k
Week eight and there were only two more weeks left until the big race. Physically I felt good, but emotionally I was a mess. I needed something to boost my self esteem. I kicked Jeffery out so I was now on my own, I had to drive myself around, make my own breakfast, snack, snack, lunch, snack, supper, dinner, snack, midnight snack myself. It was a lot to handle. I needed pleasure so I decided to go buy an adult tow. I went to a local adult shop and greeted the clerk. The clerk seemed excited, yet confused. He said “I know you!!” I said “im sure the hell you do! But im not here for all that” he said to me “aren’t you famous?” I said “no shit!!” He said “I know you, you’re warren sapp aren’t you??” I threw a dildo and hit him in the head. On the way out I found an interesting flyer. I read the flyer top to bottom and decided to give the man on it a call. We set up an appointment for us to meet. We went to his home studio and that’s when it became clear, this man wasn’t just a regular photographer he was planning on taking extremely risqué photos of me. Photos of me doing all types of stuff that I wouldn’t normally do. At that moment I was feeling alone and lost so I decided to go through with it. The first pose was just me in my stretch pants and lane bryant bra. After that he asked me to pull the straps down. He then instructed me to go in the back as disrobe. He sat out a bunch of props and talked me through some different scenarios that he had in mind. The first one was for me to pleasure myself with a roast turkey leg in both my holes. He then asked me to lay spread eagle while he covered me in giblet gravy. At first it was a bit weird but then I honestly started to get into it. He handed me a car cover to wrap up in while I waited for the pictures to be printed. Once they were done i headed out. I knew exactly what I was going to do with these pics.