Kelly Price couch to 5k week two

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Week two has arrived and ive really gotten serious, ive thrown out all of the junk food in the house, no more deep fried chocolate dipped Oreos, late night pizza runs or blocks of butter drizzled with honey [sidenote: that makes a really great dip. Just drizzle warm clover honey over softened butter. You can dip strawberries, rolled up slices of ham or even pizza crusts if you’re feeling daring] anyway, what was I saying? Oh that’s right, healthy eating. So I decided to hire a personal chef. He showed me how to make healthy meal options. Unfortunately I had to let him go after a disagreement. He told me that he thought 15 layer lasagna wasnt the best idea for an appetiser at sunday dinner. He even laughed when I told him that fettuccini Alfredo is best served in shot glasses with a Parmesan cheese frosted rim. After letting him go I knew I had to go it alone. So I decided to really focus in on my goal. I didn’t just throw out all the junk food, I cleared out EVERYTHING: the gummy bears I had stashed in my hollow bible. The bbq ribs I kept under my pillow for late night snacking. I even threw out the ham salad I kept in my toilet tank. I wanted to start with something simple. So I decided to do snacks. The first snack I decided to remake was trail mix; trail mix really gets a bad wrap because it isn’t always the healthiest option. So I did away with all the bad stuff and chose only healthy stuff. I started with a base of roasted peanuts for protein, added in sunflower seeds, toasted almonds and macadamia nuts. I said what goes really well with macadamia nuts: mini white chocolate chips, I added in bits of prosciutto for taste and chopped up mini snickers bars for flavor and that special energy boost that everyone needs when prepping for a race. The next meal I tackled was breakfast. Breakfast usually consisted of Belgian waffles, biscuits and gravy, toast with jelly and a slab of bacon. I knew I had to make some changes there, so I switched over to a slab of Turkey bacon, a 10 egg veggie omelet and cinnamon rolls. While a pan of cinnamon rolls may not seem like diet food to some, I think it’s a good idea because cinnamon is full of antioxidants and the cream cheese icing has dairy which is good for you. Dinner usually consisted of 15 layer lasagna as the appetiser, deep fat fried chicken, greens slow cooked with pig feet and an entire chocolate cake. I decided to do 15 layer veggie lasagna as the appetiser, roast chicken and a carrot cake for dessert. I chose carrot cake because carrots are a vegetable so you shouldn’t feel bad about eating an entire carrot cake. Let me know what diet tips you have!

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