Kelly Price couch to 5k week three

kelly price viscera

Week three I decided to really ratchet up the exercise. I started just by using my hands to get things as opposed to the metal grabber that my estranged husband Jeffery bought me for Christmas while he was in the studio eating out a certain rnb diva who shall remain nameless. I must say: putting on your own socks can be tiring, but it’s a good tired. The kind of tired that comes from a hard days work. I didn’t want to stop there though, I wanted to start walking around my blocks. I laced up my sneakers and went for a walk around the block. Once I rounded the corner I saw a shopping centre that I had never seen before. Usually when Jeffery drives me around he takes out the back seats in our 15 passenger van so I can lay down on the floor and stretch out. This being said I didn’t exactly know what my neighbourhood looked like. Im glad I had my Walkman with me, so I could listen to music. Unfortunately I left all my cds back at home so I only had the heartbreak hotel extended single to listen to, which isn’t that bad because obviously whitney Houston, myself and someone else were singing on that song. Whitney and I really did our thing!! [sidenote: did you see that leather coat I was wearing in that video? They killed 18 heads of cattle to make that!! Hashtag slay all day] anyway. I decided to take a short cut through the shopping Center. I first passed a suboxone clinic for heroin addicts, next door was a drug testing place, a chinese restaurant, a beauty supply store, a chinese restaurant and then a donut shop. I was able to make it past the chinese restaurants but when I saw that donut shop I was intrigued. On the door there was a sign for real fruit smoothies, I decided to take a closer look, so I went inside. The lady behind the counter was immediately star struck when she saw me, she asked me if she could take a picture of me and I told her “make it quick, im very booked”, she asked me why was I here instead of in New York filming Saturday Night Live. I said “what the hell are you talking about?” She then asked me if I was Keenan Thompson in a wig. I proceeded to slap her in the mouth, but not before grabbing a bag of jelly donuts. Now before you run your mouth about calories, remember im kelly price and I’ll beat your ass if you come at me sideways, anyway; these donuts were filled with real fresh fruit so that’s vitamins, cream cheese icing so that’s dairy. If you eat five strawberry cheesecake donuts that’s your daily value of fruit right there. Long story short the cops were called but I hid out back in the dumpster until they left. I did get my donuts though.

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