Kelly Price couch to 5k week five

Kimbo-Slice kelly
Week five and the couch to 5k was drawing closer. I had been going to the gym and lifting 1/2lb weights and walking on the treadmill. I felt like I needed more energy during my workouts so I decided to have protein shakes. I wanted only healthy ingredients so I decided to make them myself. I wanted tons of energy, so I added in a big scoop or peanut butter, what goes well with peanut butter? Chocolate so I added a big squirt of chocolate syrup to the mix, you can’t have chocolate syrup without mini marshmallows so I tossed those in, then I added a cooked chicken breast for protein, I personally don’t eat chicken without giblet gravy so I decided to mix that in too. I now had my very own recipe for a delicious protein shake. I honestly am thinking about marketing it to the world. Anyway, one day I was returning home after leaving the gym and I felt a sharp pain shoot through my ankle, I wasn’t able to move, so I just laid there until my husband got home. Once he got there our neighbour came outside and asked my estranged husband Jeffery why he had a broken down conversion van sitting out on the lawn. He informed him that it was not a conversion van but rather his wife who had sprained her ankle. My neighbour apologised and helped my. Husband drag me onto the couch. I think I’ve been pushing myself way too much and that I need to relax a bit even though the race is near.

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