Raheem & Rico Part 2

Raheem and Rico


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Raheem hopped off the train and walked toward his apartment. He felt a flurry of emotions. Had rico grabbed him out of excitement or was he truly interested in Raheem? More importantly Raheem didn’t know how he was going to find out. He couldn’t just come out and ask Rico. They were becoming friends and getting to know each other. Raheem didn’t want to do anything to get in the way of that. As he walked up the stairs to his apartment he allowed his mind to drift a bit. What would it be like to have rico as his boyfriend? Were they even compatible? Raheem decided to play it cool, but in reality he wanted to make a move on Rico. That evening Rico worked on the final details for the food tasting later that week. He fell asleep and woke up about 5am.
For some reason he was excited. He worked for awhile that morning and then got ready for work. When he got on the train he saw Rico. He took his normal seat next to him. The two men made small talk about work stuff mostly. The two men got off at their stop and walked toward their building, Raheem held the door to let rico pass. Rico was hesitant at first. Maybe he had never had another man hold the door for him. Rico escorted Raheem to his office. Raheem had a meeting that afternoon to finalise plans for the food tasting. The food tasting was going to be the next day so basically everything was set, Raheem just felt better doing a final briefing of everyone. Raheem was in his office working when rico walked by.

Rico: hey, what’s up?
Raheem: nothing much; just finishing up some stuff. You?
Rico: same, just thought I’d come up and see how you were doing. You got plans for lunch?

Raheem: was just going to grab something, what’s up?

Rico: I made carne asada. There’s plenty to share.

Raheem: sounds great. How does 2 o’clock sound?

Rico: Ok, at the town square

Raheem: great, I’ll see you in awhile.

Rico smiled as he left Raheem’s office. He was excited to get to know Raheem. Rico was used to having guy friends, but this felt…… different. There was some kind of unexplainable connection between these two. Rico didn’t know what it was but he liked being with Raheem.

Rico came by Raheem’s office that afternoon to go out for lunch. They walked to the plaza. The town plaza was always full of activity, music, food, etc

Raheem: listen you didn’t have to share your lunch.

Rico: no problem, just glad to have the company.

Raheem smiled at Rico. The smile was electric. It was obvious that something was happening.

Raheem: so you live outside of town right?

Rico: yeah, with my family.

Raheem’s heart sank, this delicious man that he had been getting to know had a family. He was immediate weighing his opinions; should he fake an emergency back at the office or stay calm and at least finish lunch?
He opted for the latter.

Raheem: cool, so you have kids?

Rico: kinda… haha

What the hell did “kinda” mean?? You either have kids or you don’t have kids! That’s like being “sorta pregnant”

Raheem: okay…

Rico: my grandma, sister and nephew live together. I help take care of my nephew.

Raheem: got it, how old is he?

Rico: he’s 6 right now. Loves to play soccer just like his uncle.

Raheem: you’re a big soccer fan?

Rico: of course! Have a game this saturday morning.

Raheem: sounds like fun!

Rico: you should come!

Raheem: Id love to come…
Raheem blushed he really did want to come, but he was trying to play it cool.

Just then a mariachi band started to perform. Rico slid to the same side as Raheem so he could watch the performance. Raheem’s attention was focused on the band, just then Rico slid his hand onto his thigh and moved in closer.

Rico: I have a pick up soccer game on saturday if you wanna come.

Raheem: sure, sounds good.

Rico: Great.

Raheem and Rico sat talking for the rest of their lunch break. Raheem glanced at his watch and noticed it was time to head back to the office. As the two were headed back to the office, Raheem noticed what he thought was an erection in Rico’s pants. He wanted to see for himself, to taste it, but there would be time for that later. Rico held the door for Raheem to pass. Raheem appreciated that Rico was such a gentleman. Rico appreciated how Raheem looked in his suit, especially from the back.

After work the two men rode the train home, Raheem got off at his stop. He walked the 2-3 blocks to his house. He was tired but he was happy. He finally arrived home and found his grandmother in the kitchen cooking dinner. His nephew was in the dining room doing his homework. Rico’s sister was out somewhere probably drinking or doing God knows what with God knows who. Beto was Rico’s priority, he felt responsible for him and his success. Whenever he had school plays or soccer games Raheem and abuela were there to support.

Abuela: hola rico, how was your day?

Rico: busy but good, I had lunch with a friend in the park.

Abuela: that’s nice, do you all work together?

Rico: yeah, his name is Raheem. He’s from America.

Rico and abuela continued to catch up over dinner. Rico went to sleep early and woke up in time for work. He got dressed and headed to work.
Raheem and Yolanda were getting everything ready for the big tasting. The restaurant set up the chafing dishes with the food. The drinks were brought in and everyone started to enter. Raheem was running around making sure everyone was comfortable and enjoying themselves. He brought comment cards to each table for people to fill out. He wanted to know what drinks everyone liked and with what foods in particular. Just as Raheem was setting out more food he felt a hand on his low back for a brief moment, long enough to get his attention. It was Rico.

Rico: come eat.

Raheem: I just wanna make sure everyone is good.

Rico: okay, your office. 5 minutes?

Raheem: okay

Raheem smiled as Rico began to make two plates of food.

Raheem did another quick pass through and then let Yolanda know he was going to run and eat.

Rico was sitting on the couch in Raheem’s office. He was waiting for Raheem to come to begin eating.

Raheem: thank you so much for making me a plate!

Rico: welcome.

Raheem wanted to invite Rico over to his place; for a drink, to watch TV or just chat.

Raheem: you wanna come over to my place after this?

Rico: Ok.

That was simple enough. Raheem hurried and got everything cleaned up after the event. The two took the train and then walked to Raheem’s apartment. Raheem opened the door and invited Rico in. Both of the men sat on the couch and talked. They talked about work, about life, hobbies, etc Raheem offered Rico a drink to which he accepted. After a few more drinks Raheem invited Rico to stay the night. Many that time it was late into the evening. Raheem decided to head to bed. He grabbed a blanket and pillow for Rico. Raheem went to bed, beforehand he decided to read for awhile. After about 15 minutes he put his book down and headed down the hallway to the bathroom. As he opened the door, he saw Rico on the couch pleasuring himself. Their eyes met and what happened next was unexpected

Rico had a few too many drinks and Raheem invited him to stay at his place

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