Sunday Bashment

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I HAD to do it!!! yep that’s right!! This week’s bashment comes from Katey Red (ya heard me??) Katey Red is a performer out da N.O. who has been around since the late 1990s.
Big Freedia started out as one of her back up dancers and they have been friends ever since. By far one of Katey’s most popular and recognisable hits is “Where da Melph at?” In this song Katey Red is basically asking “Where da Melpomeme projects at and is yall in here representing tonite?” The name melpomeme is an interesting one in that it initially meant “one who is melodious” but over time evolved to mean “the muse of tragedy” and we’ll just leave that right there. Anyway. Enjoy this track and make sure you peep the new season of “Big Freedia Queen of Bounce” on Fuse.

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