Guests and Fish

Have you heard the saying “Guests and Fish, after 3 days they BOTH stink”?? Nothing could be more true than that statement! The Cosby’s found that out all too well in the Season 6 opener when Denise came home from Africa. Now usually when people come home from a long trip they bring artwork, beaded jewelry, newly contracted social diseases (no judgement). Anyway when Denise came back she had a new attitude, new hair and a new piece of navy cake named Martin. Well to top that off she also brought home a step daughter. Yes Denise went to Africa and got herself a ready made family complete with an adorable 3 year old. Dr. Huxtable was the only one who seemed to sense something was up though:
wpQE9ku - Imgur (1)
For the sake of brevity let’s put Denise’s foolish act to the side and focus on the real tragedy she visited upon that house; Olivia “sass mouth” Kendall. Olivia was a handful from the jump, she was part of that new school of parenting… that “call me by my first name” type deal, which hey if they works for yall, no problem because it obviously didn’t work for the Kendalls. Denise and Martin ended up sleeping in Theo’s old bedroom in twin sized beds while Olivia slept in an old sock drawer. Olivia got into all types of foolishness; she stole Rudy’s toys, ran up the phone bill calling joke lines and if i remember correctly she also smoked Virginia Slims, which hey if you’re gonna smoke i say go for Newports, but whatever. Anyway. After 10 years of marriage Denise and Martin got a divorce and Denise married singer Lenny Kravitz and had a family of her own. She then got with that one hot dude and is still with him. By this time Olivia was feeling her beat and decided to turn to the streets. She started out walking the ballrooms in categories like “real fish realness” and “school girl tease” and she usually placed 2nd or 3rd. Which was not good enough for her. She wanted the gold!! Olivia then went to U DQ (the university of Dairy Queen) where she majored in soft serve and minored in dip cones. There she met a stud named Brickz (stylized Br1CKZ) who turned her out.
Since then she has been ranting and raving on our tv sets everyday about shit that no one cares about. HOWEVER, the REAL person we should be upset with is NOT Olivia “sass mouth” Kendall, but her step mom Denise for making such a poor decision that would eventually effect/infect us all:

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