Favorite ep of The Cosby Show “The Wretched”


The Cosby Show was one of my favorite shows growing up! I loved the stories and the entire family. Well almost everyone in the family. Vanessa was always a POS imo. She was always into something whether it was trying to wear make-up while still in grade school or singing “locomotion” with her motor mouth friends in hopes of being the next big thing, well you see how that turned out for them. Anyway my favorite episode of the cosby show bar-none is “The Wretched” think this is because this one of the first MAJOR screw ups that one of the cosby kids had done. The episode starts with Vanessa and her other bubble brained friends decided they were going to borrow her friend’s brother’s car and hightail it to baltimore to see the wretched (and of course have big fun). Well things decided necessarily go as planned. Vanessa’s friend’s brother’s car gets stolen while they’re having Donuts in a coffee shop in Wilmington, Delaware. Ever the optimist (read: ding bat) vanessa and her crew decide to throw caution to the wind and head to Baltimore to see the wretched. Well they get their money, tickets, basically they got EVERYTHING stolen and were left there. At the same time her friend’s grandmother has a fire on her street which caused Claire to call over there, of course vanessa wasnt there she was out in the streets of Baltimore trying to produce her own version of The Wire. (sidenote: peep a young Alec Mapa) selling t-shirts at the concert! somehow vanessa and her crew make it home and Claire LAYS HER OUT!!!!!!!! People ask me “what is reading???” honey THIS is reading!!! Claire read that child to a nothing!!! which Vanessa deserved because she was always a screw up just like Denise, but that’s a story for an entirely different post!! Peep the video below


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