Catfish Colombia


So I’m channel surfing last night, trying to find something to watch while waiting for “Iyanla fix my bang and bun” to come on. I happened upon Catfish Colombia. Which is basically Catfish set to a cumbia rhythm. Well turns out people allover the world are meeting people online and are still getting gooped. Enter Diego y Sebastian. Think Nev and Max minus the *ahem*.

Anyway In the episode I watched Diego and Sebastian are on the case of Andres David Guitierrez; a man who has been courting Alejandra Sandoval and her after-market tresses for 4 years (sidenote: how much would clip-ins in Colombia cost??? I know Alejandra had at least 4 clip-in pieces in her head. Chile ask Daisy Fuentes). Turns out this Andres David changed his name half way through their “relationship” after a falling out with his family (editor’s note: who does that??). He also claimed to work at a police station as a┬álieutenant and to leave in a deluxe apartment, well this is Catfish so i’ll let you venture to guess whether that was accurate or not. The ending was oh so messy! They went to someone house in Barranquilla and it wasn’t a man who answered the door. I don’t wanna give too much away, but that house seemed like it had a strap or two in the nite stand drawer. Either way, watch the episode promo below

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