Sunday Bashment



This week’s Sunday Bashment is Josephine Johnny. Now if you grew up hearing bounce music then you already know what it is. Bounce music is this super hype music from New Orleans, Louisiana. The music is described as call and response or rhythmic beats. Basically what that means is the rapper will say your ward/project “ninth ward, iberville, west bank, up town, calliope” or where ever and you shout back in response or dance. If you listen to this early 90s track, you can hear some of the same rhymes from juvenile’s smash hit “back that thang up” especially like the big fines and stuff.

Some of the most memorable lines are “Wash your ***** do it well, use summer’s eve or vagisal”, “ima take you to my house lay you down on my bed, you a big fine woman like dem braids in yo head”, “when you see this anaconda baby don’t you get scared” just to name a few.

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