I just watched the first episode of this Celia mini-series on Telemundo y DIOS fue muy interesante. If you’re not familiar with Celia Cruz; get familiar, that’s all i’m going to say. Watch the interviews, listen to her songs, read up on her because she was a HUGE star and is world-renowned for her talent. The story starts out in Cuba with Celia and her sister at the train station. A gentleman comes up to Celia’s sister and asks her if she would like to be in a singing contest. Initially the band leader told Celia that she didn’t fit the requirements of the contest, Basically saying that she is too Black to be in the contest. Even hearing this; Celia’s sister obliges and begins to sing with the band; having her sister come in on the chorus. Once Celia began to actually sing the band leader quickly turned his attention from Celia’s sister to her. As revenge; Celia’s sister makes her dance with one of the band members and their father catches her. Basically this episode sets the stage for whats to come in the series. Pedro (Celia’s Husband) is in another band, but is too busy sleeping around to actually rehearse. He is caught with the wife of a military man and the man goes crazy; even brandishing a weapon. So far i am really enjoying this show. I am glad to actually see Afro-Latinos ON TELEVISION!! like these people are B-L-A-C-K and there’s no denying it. The issue of race in the Hispanic culture will definitely be present throughout the series, however this is a different time period, but at least the concept of race and racism in Latin America is being discussed and dealt with. If you’re familiar with Celia Cruz you already know the stories, but actually seeing it played out on the big screen adds another element to it. Apparently Telemundo is trying to follow the lead of shows like “Empire” and produce programming around music, which i’m sure will be a ratings winner for the network.

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