Sunday Bashment


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Keeping with this common theme of Hispanic Heritage month our next Sunday Bashment song is none other than “Oye mi canto” by Nore, Nina Sky, Big Mato, Daddy Yankee & Gem Star. To say i loved this song is an understatement. We used to go off to this song!! Growing up listening to dancehall music and then hearing reggaeton music as we got older it was just a natural evolution. The video is full of huge talent from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. This is back when Daddy Yankee was a star, but still on the rise. He was very well known back home in PR obviously pero, not super well known in the states outside of the Hispanic community. This track along with several others from him sealed the deal. Everyone in the states knew who NORE was (well, if they were into NY rap) so he brought a certain American hardness and “gangsterness” to the whole affair. Nina Sky had “Move ya body” so they were on the rise and looking to follow that up with another smash. Great song, great vibe, super heavy como dicen en el DR. Que gozen!!

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