10 reasons why BTAU is THE best video/song ever!!

Myself and many other music fans have a list of songs, hierarchy of favourite songs, if you will. Some of my favourite songs are Brandy’s “Brokenhearted” sans Wanya of course, “I belong to you” by Lenny Kravitz and “Back That Ass Up” by Juvenile. For me BTAU is hands down top 5 best songs EVER created. The song is a celebration of all things New Orleans, from the bombastic bounce beats to the boisterous bouncing butts. This song is where it’s at! Honestly I will say this; obviously there have been bounce songs before this and there will be bounce songs after this, but nothing will compare to it. Granted bounce was not started by Juvenile. You had “Josephine Johnny”, “Get ready” and tons of other tracks that people were listening to way before that. I just feel like this song brought the genre to the mainstream. i think what made this video so popular is the production value. Mannie Fresh had a pretty long run there during the 99s/00s where he had some pretty big hits with cash money.

#1 There’s no image more symbolic of this video than these two gentlemen strumming their pain with their fingers, rather violin bows but still. I think the ambulatory guy is full of shit though because i’m looking at the way he’s using his bow and he has no control, it’s not playing on the waist, but the upper bout of the violin. he’s also not holding his bow on the screw and frog properly, but hey what do i know? I just strung my way to a perfect vibrato in prep school [/internet lies]


#2 the chillums-These kids’, rather their parents, decided the best use of their time on a saturday afternoon was attending a juvenile concert in the park and honestly i couldnt agree more with them. Doesn’t the good book say something like “teach a chout in the way he will go and he will not depart from it”??? i’m sure to this DAY these kids put “i attended a Juvenile concert when i was a child” on their applications. Hashtag HIRED!!!


#3 the young man in the Nautica shirt who doesn’t really know what to make of it all. His name is actually Simone Baptiste and he went on to become a huge club promoter in the south. Working with artists such as Trina, Lil Boosie, Webbie and Lil Kim’s original face.


#4 Family reunification-The lady in the white shirt is the grandmother of the young lady in blue. When her mother moved to Atlanta to work at “The Varsity” hot dog restaurant, her mother Rochelle Bordeaux-Sainte was charged with raising her grand daughter Glowyell. At the time her granddaughter Glowyell Bordeaux was being very rebellious and they were constantly getting into fights, Juvenile just happened to be walking by their apartment in the 9th ward when he heard them screaming at each other. Rochelle had, had it and was 5 seconds off of busting Glowyell’s ass with a cast iron skillet used for frying catfish when she heard this infectious song. They both ran outside to discover that a video was being recorded right across the street. It was then that they decided to put aside their petty differences and shake it for da 9th ward. Rochelle has since past from lung cancer, she was 32, her granddaughter now works at the exact company that produced the cigarettes that killed her grandmother so i guess you could say things turned out alright.


#5 Religious experience: the young lady in the plaid shirt was bed bound and severely ill throughout most of her life. One day she prayed to Juvie the great and asked him to heal her. In return she would attend every concert he ever put on and prays his name. Well several days later she was completely healed and was seen waving a funeral fan in the audience of this out door concert.


#6 The clothing-Everyone in this video was dressed horribly lets just put that out there. This pants suit was one of the worst. I’m sure it smelled like the backseat of a 1992 corolla by the time it was over. Regine Cuvert De Boisblanc (pictured below) decided to dance in this video. After seeing herself on tv she gained the confidence to go to vet school and become a doctor of veterinary science. She put the $25 appearance fee toward the purchase of her books for the first semester. She now runs a VERY successful veterinary practice in Bonneville, Louisiana.


#7 Juvenile was nice enough to pour ice cold water on his opening act; a box-bodied stud lesbian named DeAnda “Dee” Debrière. Dee decided to take her money and invest in herself. She got a gym membership and decided to start daytime bouncing at the mall. Dreams really do come true!!


#8 The older couple sitting in the middle of the madness eating mayonnaise and pig feet po’boys. They seem so lost, yet so there at the exact same time. It’s so crazy to see. At least they were smart enough to bring lawn chairs unlike the rest of those jokers.


#9 Lil Wayne’s lil chain- Wayne put that chain in the Camera guy’s face so quickly like it was something to behold. Noways a toddler wouldnt even wear that chain. just goes to show you how times have changed.


#10 LGBTQIA Acceptance-Not many people know this but the young lady pictured below was actually born a man. A year or so before this video Thomas “Toot-Toot” Toussard decided to go on hormones to become a woman. Six months after that Toot Toot decided to have breast surgery. At the time of the video Toot had, had top surgery, but not bottom surgery. After receiving such positive feedback Toot Toot decided to have bottom surgery as well. Toot Toot Toussard now works as a stylist/mortician at Moreau-Lislet funeral home slash nail salon.


Bonus: This lil one who was having too much fun! Jazmichelle Montault De Saint-Cirié is now in her 3rd year of University at Howard and is a double major in Pharmacy and Poli-Sci.


Rhonda “PurrCat” Pierroux decided to go back to school for her GED but was caught shoplifting from a Big Lots and ran over a security officer on her way out of the parking lot. She served a 16 year sentence and was released recently. She now works as a shift manager at Krystals


Reginald the show horse now lives on a farm just outside of the city limits. Every so often he tells the young foals about his time working with Juvenile and meeting Lil wayne before he was a huge celebrity. While this gives him street cred with the phillies, he just looks upon these times fondly and remembers life back when it was simpler…..