Trump on Ramos: Scream queen


Trump spoke in Iowa on Tuesday and boy did the fur fly! Univision host Jorge Ramos stood up in an effort to ask about immigration and Trump shut him DOWN without hesitation. Trump’s men-in-black kindly escorted Ramos to the curb in a manner that Ramos might have considered “oh so nasty and oh so rude”. When asked about the back and forth Trump stated “I don’t know who he [Ramos] is, he just stood up and started screaming at me”. Now this is where I have to play semantics Sam; he says “I don’t know who he is” HOWEVER he said “go back to Univision” is he saying “I don’t know him at all” or “I know him, but don’t follow his reporting”? Either way, I say this can all be settled with a nice glass of soda and a rousing game of toma todo, but then again I am an optimist. Source

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