Arroz con Chicken Podcast Episode 4

In Episode 4 we talk Michael Sam, Frank Gifford, Straight outta Compton, Yolanda Saldivar, etc.

Where in the world is Lumidee? @TheRealLumidee

April 19 2007 I went to get my oil changed in my 2008 Lexus when I noticed a tow truck pulling in with a late model two tone astro van attached. A woman hopped out of the tow truck and came inside of the mechanic shop. The woman looked very familiar. She looked like a famous celebrity. At first I thought it was Taina Morales or the girl who played her and was also on 1-2 episodes of girlfriends as that shitty yoga instructor, but no, this woman was gorgeous and seemed like she was talented. When this woman was done filling out her paperwork the head mechanic told her that the oil had not been changed in 15 years and that the engine had seized up. The repairs were going to cost $5,000 dollars PLUS another $2,000 for labor. The woman seemed like someone who had a lot of money so this $7,000 was not going to be a problem for her to come up with. Once the woman authorized her car repairs she headed next door to get fast food breakfast. I didn’t want to go up to her to find out who she was, but I had to find out who this was. I distracted the head mechanic and glanced at her paperwork. The name at the top of the paper said “Lumidee Cenedo” I KNEW I was in the presence of someone special, I suddenly became nervous I didn’t know what to do, how does one act when they’re in the presence of someone who is considered the “Latin Vocal bible”? I decided to play it cool when she came back inside. She sat down across from me and began to eat her fast food breakfast. Apparently she decided to get griddle cakes, sausage links and scrambled cheese eggs. I asked her if the tv was too loud, but she said “No, it’s fine I’m listening to some really good music right now” I had to walk behind her seat when I went to the bathroom. I noticed that on the screen of her iphone 3 was the single art for the song; “Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)”.


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